Michael continues to carve a trend-setting presence in today's modern art scene; his clients

are the continuous and necessary fuel to his successes.

He looks forward to

teaming up with you...

The commission process is exciting and simple. Following your inquiry and confirming your interest, Michael will reach out to coordinate a time that works best with your schedule; this meeting can be completed via phone or in-person.

During your meeting, Michael encourages you to surface any idea that comes to mind; colors, imagery, emotions; everything you've envisioned for this piece.

Before Michael begins painting - he kindly requests a down-payment (50% of the confirmed price; check or cash)- before getting started. The down payment ensures the highest quality oil-paints and finest cotton-stretched canvases as the foundation to your piece.


(*If interested in receiving an invoice through PayPal, please click the button below & scroll down to choose 'I'd like to request a PayPal Invoice.')

And he begins to paint...